Make Your Family Whole Again

Your child has been begging you to take them outside so they can catch Pokémon, but you just do not have the time to even though you really want to. Your partner is in jail and you are frantically trying to figure out what to do next in regards to that situation, while also preparing […]

Keep Pokémon Go Fun! Avoid Jail and the Potential Need for Bail

Answering phone calls, texting, checking traffic and finding alternate routes, replying to emails, there are plenty of distractions on mobile phones. Now, there is a new app that is taking over our lives: Pokémon Go. This falls under the games category, but this game is unlike any other. This one is addicting and far surpassed […]

Exercise Caution While Playing Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go has very rapidly consumed our entire lives and we hate to admit it, but it is so freaking fun. We just want to catch ‘em all! However, in our quest to do so, there are some things we would like to remind you all to remember while playing. Be aware of your surroundings […]

Your Arrest Is a Temporary Lapse; Your Bail Bond Is a Permanent Fix

Many people grow in a positive way after being arrested and put through the whole jail, bail, and trial process. They experience something that most people do not. It is unfortunate they have to experience it at all, but it is best if they can find some good from this experience. They see a side […]

Will Bail Affect My Credit Score?

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store offers affordable bail bonds set up on customized payment plans that work with the defendant and his or her loved one’s financial situation. In total, the bail bond will end up costing only 10% of the full bail amount. The company accepts various forms of payment: cash, check, credit, and […]

Welcome To California, Where You Cannot Peel Your Orange in Your Hotel Room

California may be known as the Golden State, with a majestic coastline, warm sunny days almost year-round, and beautiful actors and singers, but this state also has its fair share of weirdness. There have been attempts to regulate some of this by introducing some laws that, back then, may have made more sense. Since then […]

Current Events and Gun Laws

In the past few weeks, there have been a handful of fatal police-involved shootings that have captured the nation’s attention: The shooting of Alton Sterling, an African American man, by Caucasian police The shooting of Philandro Castile, an African American man, by Caucasian police The shootings of five Caucasian Dallas cops, by an African American […]

You Know You Are Addicted to Pokémon Go When… and When to Delete the App

By now, you have definitely heard of the mobile game, Pokémon Go. You may even be playing it, but do you know when you, or your loved ones, are too addicted to the game. When you have become so addicted that it is dangerous to play? Do you know when you should stop and delete […]

California’s Powerful New Gun Seizure Law

As you are well aware, five Dallas, Texas cops were killed during what was, a peaceful protest regarding the shootings of two African American men in other states. They were killed by a man with an Army background, and thus had skills and tactics to thoroughly plan his attack. It is not something that he […]

Important Things to Know When Getting a Bail Bond

Applying for a bail bond is a fast and easy process, but there is little room for error. We at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store have been successfully bailing individuals out of jail for nearly 30 years, and we will definitely help you too. However, we need you to make sure everything goes smoothly. Know […]