Victorville Bail Bonds

Being high on love is what everybody wants to feel this Valentine’s Day. Being drunk on someone’s love is great, until you get into trouble. You may feel like you’re on cloud nine and become distracted. Don’t drive distracted.

Being in love is great, but being arrested for reckless driving is not. According to the California DMV, reckless driving is a misdemeanor and is commonly tagged with other criminal charge.

Reckless driving is classified as willfully driving with disregard or safety. You could go to jail for 90 days or be fined for your careless driving.

We know you want to tell everybody about your great love that you have with your partner. However, texting while driving is also very frowned upon. Especially when it can lead to serious accidents. You can also be fined heavily for texting, or just holding your phone in your hand, while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Hold off on telling everybody about that kiss.

Love is great, but it can wait for you to either get to your destination, or pull over. Distracted driving can lead to serious consequences for you. If for some reason you find yourself blind in love this season and getting into trouble, have no fear Victorville Bail Bonds has your back.

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