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How to Handle a Pre-Arrest Investigation

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It’s difficult to know exactly how you should act when the police contact you and say they want to talk to you. Honestly, in most cases, they are in the middle of an investigation and simply want to talk to you about some aspect of it. They’re reaching out doesn’t necessarily mean they consider you […]

Why We Might Request Collateral

Attempted Crimes in California

Sometimes we will only ask you to pay a 10% fee in order to secure your bail bond. Other times we may ask for the 10% fee and some form of collateral. As a rule, we will only require that you present some form of collateral if we feel that you’re a high-risk case. This […]

California’s Stance on Prescription Drug Fraud

California’s Stance on Prescription Drug Fraud

Prescription drug fraud doesn’t get nearly as much publicity as it did several years ago when the country was in the middle of the opioid crisis. Just because there aren’t as many news stories covering prescription drug fraud doesn’t mean that the fraud has completely disappeared. The truth is that California is still full of […]