Are You An Immigrant? Los Angeles Bail Bond Store Will Still Help You If You Need Us! We Won’t Discriminate.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store

California is no stranger to floods of immigrants trying to live the American Dream. But doing so can pose a huge challenge. More than Americans, they must be on their absolute best behavior, if you will, so they can secure citizenship, a process that can take years. They have to get used to American customs, without, hopefully, losing their own traditions. There will be confusion, miscommunication, and frustration, but hope too.

For those who are not natural born American citizens, it is important to know what you can do, legally, if the police or immigration agents come knocking at the door.

  • Remember their names and badge numbers. Ask to see their badge if they do not show it to you freely.
  • There is no need to speak to the officer, even if the officer has a warrant. However, should there be a conversation, step outside and close the door.
  • Do not let officers in if they do not have a warrant. If they do, ask them to slide it under the door or hold it up to the window so you can see it.
  • Search warrants only give officers permission to search the address written on the warrant. They can only look for items listed on the warrant.
  • Arrest warrants give officers permission to enter the home of the person written on the warrant if they believe that person is inside.
  • A deportation warrant does not give officers permission to enter without consent.

Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is available to help anyone and everyone who gets arrested. We cannot help with securing citizenship, but we hope that what we can do, helping you post bail, will provide a bit of relief along the way. Our number is 323-261-2611 and we have agents available to talk at any hour of the day.

We will keep your case confidential and work quickly to get you back home comfortably. We’re here to help you!