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Don’t Drink and Drive This Holiday Season

Don’t Drink and Drive This Holiday Season

Whenever a holiday rolls around, it is usually a safe bet to assume that many adults will be drinking in some way. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a few beers, or having a glass of wine or two when celebrating with loved ones. However, there is a problem when a person does that, and […]

How to Deal With Getting Pulled Over By the Cops

Getting pulled over by the police is always, on some level, nerve-racking, whether you know what the reason for getting pulled over is or not. Maybe you are drinking and driving, or maybe you do not know that your taillight is out. You do not want to make a wrong move, but you also do […]

Visalia Bail Bond Store Makes Bail Easier and More Affordable

You probably think that bailing someone out of jail is difficult to do, especially since it means letting a possible criminal out in public. Yes, bailing out of jail can be difficult and challenging, but only if you do not know the best way to do this. For one, you do not have to attack […]

Detention and Arrest Are Different

Detention in school was simply staying late one day, and sitting in room with a handful of other students, and a teacher, either doing homework or nothing at all. Detention outside of school, when you are an adult, is not quite the same. This is when you are briefly stopped by the police and/ or […]

Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion

To you, reasonable suspicion and probable cause sound like they mean the same thing. However, to Visalia Bail Bond Store, the police, and the court, these have different, though similar, meanings. Reasonable Suspicion: Reasonable assumption that a crime has taken place, is taking place, or will take place, based on a police officer’s professional training […]

How to Party In College, a Lesson from Visalia Bail Bond Store

As much as all of you college-aged kids do not want to go back to school for academics, we bet you are excited to see all of your friends again and to not be under Mom and Dad’s roof. You have the best time at college; living with friends, going to parties, and being on […]