What TV Does And Doesn’t Get Right About Bail

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Naturally, we sometimes think that what happens on television is a direct reflection of the real world. But when we find out the truth of some matters, such as how bail and bail bonds really works in real life, we go, “I didn’t know that! TV didn’t show me that!” Here is the fast truth about bail and bail bonds so that you know that television does and doesn’t get right about it (or what they don’t show you).

  • Bail is paid so that an arrested individual can be released from custody on the agreement that he or she will come to court when they are asked.
  • Bail can be paid in full in cash or with a bail bond, which brings in third party help from a bail agent.
  • Not everyone is eligible for bail, as it is dependent on the crime, past crimes, the defendant’s ties to the community, and other factors.
  • Bail is not a “get-out-of-jail-free” card, as the defendant may be found guilty of the crime and ordered to serve time.
  • Bail can be revoked and the defendant will be put back into jail.
  • Besides appearing in court when asked, the defendant may given more orders he or she must oblige to such as staying away from certain people or attending counseling.
  • Bail can be reviewed and modified.
  • If the defendant does not come to court, the bail agent and/ or bounty hunter can and will go after and track down the defendant to avoid consequences.

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