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Can Plastic Water Bottles Left in Hot Cars be Dangerous?

Can Plastic Water Bottles Left in Hot Cars be Dangerous?

Can Plastic Water Bottles Left in Hot Cars be Dangerous?

Summer is in full swing and people are doing everything in their power to beat the heat and stay safe. After all, no one wants to suffer from heat related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. One of the best ways to avoid both of those conditions is for a person to remain hydrated throughout the day.

This is why thousands of people travel with a water bottle in their car. This ensures they have water with them whenever they may begin to feel a bit parched. While some people prefer reusable water bottles, some people would rather buy plastic water bottles. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the dangers that can come with leaving plastic water bottles in the car on a hot day, and it isn’t for the reason one might suspect.

Are Heated Plastic Water Bottles Toxic?

For several years now, people have worried about the health safety of plastic water bottles. In 2007, emails began circulating through people’s inboxes with the claims that leaving water bottles in hot cars would create a chemical reaction within the plastic. This reaction would supposedly cause the plastic to release chemical compounds, BPA and DEHA, into the water.

Neither of those chemicals are very good for human consumption.

Naturally, these emails caused quite a stir and some panic as well. Even though these myths were later debunked by studies performed by the American Cancer Society and the International Bottled Water Association, many people still believe those emails.

There are now questions of whether or not heating plastic water bottles causes them to release phthalates into the water, which would cause other serious health problems for anyone who drank the water. However, there has yet to be any definitive answer in regards to that particular question.

While these chemicals could pose a serious health hazard if leeched into the water, they are not the reason that plastic water bottles should not be left in hot cars.

Can Water Bottles Start Fires?

The reason plastic water bottles shouldn’t be left in cars is far fierier than that. The irony is that plastic water bottles can actually lead to car fires. As impossible as that may seem, it is very true, and a real problem. That is why fire departments all over the country are warning people about the dangers of leaving a plastic water bottle in a hot car.

The problem is that the clear plastic and water work together to create a makeshift magnifying glass. Anyone who ever burned ants as a kid knows how dangerous a magnifying glass can be. If direct sunlight falls onto a plastic water bottle, it can concentrate the sun’s rays on a set point in a car, and, with enough time, cause that point to ignite.

If left unchecked, that fire can quickly and easily consume the entire vehicle.

This means that a person should never leave a plastic water bottle anywhere in a car where it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Doing so could have disastrous results. Better to take the bottle with you, or at the very least, tuck into a secure and covered place where the sun will never find it.

Stay Hydrated This Summer

When the weather heats up like it does every summer, it is important for everyone to remain hydrated. One of the best ways to do that is for a person to keep some water with them at all times. Water bottles are a great way to do that. However, plastic water bottles can, surprisingly, pose a fire hazard.

Why not avoid that potential fire hazard and purchase a reusable water bottle. After all, there are plenty of water bottles out there, and they are better for the environment. Plus, some reusable water bottles are designed to keep water cooler longer, and they really work!

Are you staying hydrated this summer? Tell us how you keep yourself cool and hydrated while you travel this summer. You never know, you might inspire someone to do the same!

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Viral Internet Challenge: Licking Ice Cream In Store

Viral Internet Challenge: Licking Ice Cream In Store

Viral Internet Challenge: Licking Ice Cream In Store

Now, a new challenge is starting to spread across the internet and some people think it is just a harmless prank. This is often due to the fact that they never have to see the repercussions of their actions. However, because these people were dumb enough to post the videos of themselves committing the “prank” online, they are often subjected to criminal charges.

Licking Ice Cream Can Get You Arrested

With summer here, everyone is looking for ways to cool off. For the most part, this means going someplace like a beach or pool. However, there are other ways to cool off. One favorite method is by having a frozen treat. Ice cream is a preferred favorite. Kids and adults alike get excited picking out their favorite tub of ice cream form the store. It’s cool, creamy, sweetness will provide an excellent escape from the heat of summer.

However, that tub of ice cream may not be all it’s cracked up to be thanks to a new internet trend.

A few weeks ago, a video was posted to social media showing a woman removing a tub of ice cream from a store shelf, opening it, licking the top of the ice cream, then closing the container and returning it to the shelf. While not inherently dangerous, this prank poses a threat to people’s health and is an easy way to spread germs. As such, this prank was taken very seriously by Blue Bell, the company that produces the ice cream seen in the video, and law enforcement agencies.

Despite the anonymity that the internet provides, a person is not safe simply due to the vastness of the World Wide Web. Law enforcement agencies and Blue Bell were able to track down the carton in the video, and the culprit behind the act. As it turns out the woman in the video is a minor, and the case has been handed over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.

Copycats Beware

As if one instance of the instigator of this trend wasn’t enough, consider what happened to a copycat in Louisiana. A 36 year old man copied the prank at another store local to him, and even took things further by sticking his fingers in the ice cream. He then posted the video to social media. However, things get interesting from there.

The store caught the man on security cameras and called the authorities. However, they failed to notice, and the posted video did show, that the man did end up taking the tub of ice cream out of the freezer again and buying it. Despite that fact, the man was arrested and transported to jail. He was charged with unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and criminal mischief.

This just goes to show that no one should be licking any ice cream that doesn’t already belong to them. Doing so could get you into serious legal trouble.

Don’t Lick Ice Cream Unless It Is Yours

Ice cream is a sweet treat that pretty much everyone enjoys. Don’t ruin it for others by licking it and putting it back on the shelf. Not only is that unsanitary and gross, but it is also illegal. Stores will alert authorities to the activity and they will track people down and arrest them. No one wants to go to jail because they licked ice cream.

Everyone has their own favorite sweet treat to cool off with in the summer, what is yours? Do you have a particular ice cream flavor that you just have to have, or do you prefer a nice popsicle? Share it in the comments down below and stay cool this summer.