The Approval Process For A Bail Bond

Riverside Bail Bonds

The approval process for a bail bond is simple. The judge is the one who grants or denies bail, but trust that he or she does not make this decision based on personal judgment. There is a bail schedule for every county that outlines the average bail price for each crime, from infractions to misdemeanors to felonies. This bail schedule is reviewed and modified annually by a number of people in the justice system.

So, consider the prices of the bail schedule the base price. Other factors that may contribute to increasing or lowering bail would be whether or not the defendant has a criminal history, their financial situation, the relationships he or she holds with others in the community, and whether or not they are considered to be a flight risk.

So if a person is granted bail, then they may apply for a bail bond from a professional bail bond company like Riverside Bail Bonds. They will need to provide collateral, a cosigner, and proof of ability to make their monthly payments. Much of the information may be similar as if a person were applying for a loan – bank information and employment history may also be required.

The defendant is not alone in needing to pay for their bail bond; they can have as much help from friends and family.

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