Put Yourself On A Pedestal For Your Older Sibling

Even if you’re the younger sibling, do you realize how much influence you may have on your older counterpart? Generally, we’re taught that the older one is always supposed to set a good example for the little one, but that isn’t always the case and it shouldn’t be a standard.

You might have your life together and you might think that your older sibling isn’t paying much attention, but don’t neglect the thought that maybe they could be, and they’re just being silent about it. You could be the reason they finish school; you could be the reason they finally stuck to a job they like; you could be the reason they have stopped drinking every night. They want to be like you and make you and Mom and Dad proud.

Keep a close relationship with your loved ones. Again, they may not verbally express their admiration for you and how much they look “up” to you, but sure enough, it’s there, and the way to help push them towards success and away from legal trouble is to keep doing what you’re doing and maintain a close relationship with them. It can be as simple as that. Put yourself on that pedestal.

Don’t disregard hiccups along the way; it might not be an easy ride to the top for them like it was for you. Maybe one night they do get arrested for having too many drinks. Maybe you’ll need to help them bail out of jail.

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