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Second Chances Are Given at Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

Just when you thought everything was going wrong in your life, that the odds were against you, and there was no way to repair the damage you have done, you stumble across Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. Getting arrested may seem like the end of your world, but it does not have to be. You […]

Common Bail Bond Related Terms and What They Mean

To most of you, the bail bond industry is probably a bunch of mumbo and jumbo that you don’t really understand. You hope you will never need to know anything about it, but for some of you, that will not be the case. Some of you will eventually find yourself wrapped up in the middle […]

Why Bail Bond Payments Are So Important

Paying for a bail bond on time is just as important as paying for rent on time. Paying for a bail bond is something you need to be on top of and take seriously. If you miss a payment, there will be consequences for yourself and possibly others as well. Your freedom, or your loved […]

Do I Get My Money Back After Paying for a Bail Bond?

One of the most frequently asked questions we are asked here at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store is if the premium, the money the client pays to us, gets returned at the end of the case. “But, money for a cash bail is refunded!” Well, there is a difference between cash bail and bail bonds. […]

Put Yourself On A Pedestal For Your Older Sibling

Even if you’re the younger sibling, do you realize how much influence you may have on your older counterpart? Generally, we’re taught that the older one is always supposed to set a good example for the little one, but that isn’t always the case and it shouldn’t be a standard. You might have your life […]

Get Out Of Jail Free With “Own Recognizance”

Being released from jail on “Own Recognizance” is basically like the ultimate “Get Out Of Jail Free” card. Most people are required to pay bail if they want to be released, which can be hundreds to thousands of dollars (or even in the millions!). But when the judge allows a defendant to be released on […]

Immigration Bonds

Bail bonds are used by yet-to-be-convicted-or-acquitted defendants to be released from jail. All defendants who have been granted bail are eligible to use bail bonds, provided they can afford the 10% premium (which is more likely than affording 100% cash bail). But when the defendant is an undocumented immigrant then the process is a bit […]

Take The Word Of Your Loved One

Anyone who has been arrested before knows two things: They are not obligated to reveal the details to anyone who isn’t required to know. They can be very helpful and supportive for friends and family who suddenly come into the same situation. If it’s someone they care a great deal about, they probably would open […]

These Celebs Have Used Bail Bonds Too, For Themselves

If you think celebrities get special treatment when they have a slip-up and run into trouble with the law, think again. In fact, they have it worse than defendants who are not celebrities because they have their fans and the media watching them. Celebrities get the same bail treatment as everyone else; they can post […]

Take a Stress Test and Count on Los Angeles Bail Bond Store!

Bailing your loved one out of jail seems like a huge weight of stress and anxiety at first, but with our help here at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store, you will learn and see that you have very little to stress about. For one, Los Angeles Bail Bond Store’s bail bonds are much more affordable […]