These Celebs Have Used Bail Bonds Too, For Themselves

If you think celebrities get special treatment when they have a slip-up and run into trouble with the law, think again. In fact, they have it worse than defendants who are not celebrities because they have their fans and the media watching them. Celebrities get the same bail treatment as everyone else; they can post cash bail (and some do, because they can easily afford it), but they can also use bail bonds (and many do).

Here are some notables who have used bail bonds:

  • Lindsay Lohan, actress

    This actress has had her share (and others’) of legal trouble. She probably had her bail bondsman’s phone number on speed dial.

  • Katt Williams, comedian

    His bail bondsman helped get him out of jail once, but Williams failed to keep up with his payments, resulting in his re-arrest.

  • Nicholas Cage, actor

    Cage hired his friend Duane Chapman aka “Dog The Bounty Hunter” to help post his $11,000 bail bond.

Plenty of other well-known names can be added to this list; all these celebrities go to different bail bond companies, and we at Los Angeles Bail Bond Store can tell you that we’ve had quite a few ourselves, but we won’t tell you who – we keep to our word of confidentiality! And if you ever need a bail bond for yourself or a loved one, we will help you ASAP just like we did them, and every other client we have. We treat all our clients respectfully and equally, giving each and every one the right attention, no matter how popular you are.

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